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CloudPost Networks develops IoT security and risk-reduction solutions that protect business-critical devices and systems. CloudPost uniquely ties device identity with behavioral analytics so organizations can quickly spot security issues and implement precise controls to protect the environment.

Biomedical Solution - Automatically identify all biomedical devices in a hospital, catalog them, and track adds, moves, and changes. Perform continuous risk assessment by actively monitoring medical equipment for cyber threats and vulnerabilities.

Enterprise IoT Solution - Automate inventory discovery and management of all IoT devices in the enterprise to ensure all networked assets are under IT’s control. Streamline risk assessment, monitoring, and reduction efforts against cyber-attack.

Building Automation Solution - Catalog IP-enabled building automation and physical security devices. Perform regular cyber threat assessments and drive remediation efforts through a consistent IT workflow.

Cherwell Integration:

Leverage Cherwell to manage the lifecycle IT workflow for agentless devices including medical manufacturing, physical security, facilities, and supply chain equipment. The solution automates asset discovery, categorization, vulnerability and poor password assessment, and ongoing threat discovery. It streamlines implementing compensating controls to reduce risk and verify known vulnerabilities are fixed.