The combination of Cherwell Service Management™ software and ComAround Knowledge™ enables Cherwell customers to leverage the value of Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) Methodology within Cherwell Service Management™.


Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) is a methodology that provides a detailed description of how support organizations can work with the knowledge base to improve support delivery, become more productive in the support organization, and increase service levels to the business.


ComAround Knowledge™ integrated with Cherwell Service Management™ software has reached the highest KCS verification, KCS v6 Verified, which is proof that the solution supports all eight KCS principles.

The Cherwell and ComAround partnership enables the “shift-left strategy”, by moving cases to more cost-efficient support channels. Consequently, the issues fall into the right support channel relative to their complexity and cost to solve. Self-service frees up time and resources by having users solve simple, recurring issues themselves. First-line support have time to deal with more complex issues that require personal support. This enables quicker support management, happier customers, and lower costs.

Cherwell and ComAround’s experts will help you to succeed with knowledge management and self-service. KCS training will help your teams develop the understanding and skills needed to fine-tune your knowledge management and self-service processes. We give you all the knowledge you need and assist with implementation and constant improvements throughout the support flow.

Cherwell Service Management™ software integrated with ComAround Knowledge™ gives your organization results quickly
  • 60% shorter resolution time
  • 50% fewer cases to Service Desk
  • 40% higher first-contact resolution rate
  • 30% more satisfied employees

The ComAround Knowledge™ Integration mApp provides a seamless integration between Cherwell Service Management® and ComAround Knowledge™ through built-in interfaces which makes knowledge content available via the interaction points you already have within your support operations. The knowledge is available in the right place and at the right time. Both the service desk and end users can resolve issues with the pre-populated ComAround Knowledge™ solution, via CSM.