CyberSponse CyOps Automation Platform

CyberSponse, Inc. is a cutting-edge provider of a Strategic Cybersecurity Incident Management Security Operations Platform that provides, Situational Awareness and Enterprise Integrations.

The Solution offers our mutual customers with the following Cyber capabilities: 

  • Cyber Playbook & Workflow Automation
  • Cybersecurity Vulnerability Management
  • Cybersecurity Incident Management Platform
  • Integrated Cyber Threat Intelligence Feeds
  • Executive Dashboards & Decision Based Interfaces
  • Direct Machine to Machine Automation/Integration
  • Security Alert Consolidation, Filtering & Categorization

The Importance of the CyberSponse Solutions

The technology provides the ability to track, manage, and audit Cybersecurity Operations. Incident Response Patching through the Module Based Platform offers:
  • Full Vulnerability Scan Audit and Tracking Capability
  • Dynamic Task Assignments & Policy Control
  • Advanced Management Reporting and Support
  • On-Site Engineering & Technical Assistance

Fundamental Differentiators

  • Cutting-edge Automation Technology
  • Enterprise Cybersecurity Platform Architecture
  • High Level Overview & Dashboards of Security Risks
  • Multidisciplinary team with over 150 years of experience in cybersecurity & process integrations
  • Strategic Mix of Technology and Business Operations
  • Separated Database Architecture for ease of changes
  • Enterprise 24 Hour Support
  • Integrations with more than 150+ Security Products and Solutions