Device42 Inc., a leader in the Configuration Management Database (CMDB), Application Dependency Mapping (ADM) and DCIM Software Marketplace, delivers comprehensive, low-cost solutions that help companies automatically maintain an up-to-date inventory of their IP-based Devices and non-IP Assets, whether physical, logical, or virtual. Device42 provides customers with understanding and advanced visualization of their infrastructure and its inter-dependencies, and centralizes data center knowledge into a single source of truthmaking IT ecosystems clearly visible, understandable, and controllable.

Device42 - Cherwell integration
Device42 integration with Cherwell provides continuously refreshed details about complex computing environments:  It replaces manual record keeping with automated continuous discovery.
  • Easy configuration and set up
  • 100% agentless discovery
  • Support for even the most complex computing environments
  • Discover and map application and device dependencies
  • Highly scalable
  • Detailed documentation for users and for APIs
  • Outstanding support

Easy, well-documented integration capabilities
  • ITSM
  • Continuous automation and deployment tools
  • Ticketing
  • Web Hooks
  • Custom systems