Everbridge, Inc. is a global Saas company that provides enterprise IT Alerting solutions to help organizations streamline their incident response and accelerate resolution. Everbridge identifies, contacts and engages with the right response teams in a matter of minutes versus an hour on average.


Everbridge IT Alerting Solution:

  • automates the distribution and management of notification messages to identified recipients, wherever people might be located;
  • delivers messages by SMS, voice calls, pager, mobile app, and emails;
  • provides on-call scheduling to manage shifts and rotations;
  • integrates with Cherwell and ITOM tools, which are the source of the events, incidents and alerts;
  • offers one-click pin-less access to conference bridges and ChatOps tools for immediate team assembly;
  • includes a telecommunication annual allowance for SMS, voice and teleconferencing;
  • is powered by the industry leading Critical Event Management platform with proven unequaled scalability, reliability and security (FedRamp Certified, ISO 27001).


The Everbridge Cherwell Connector is designed to help customers automate, streamline and accelerate their incident response to resolve incidents faster and minimize their impact on the IT teams and the business. Key features include:

  • in case of critical incidents, assigned individuals or groups can automatically be notified via phone, SMS, and other channels directly from Cherwell Service Management (CSM) until they respond so they can take the appropriate actions;
  • automatic escalation if no response from critical incident notifications;
  • faster team assembly, investigation and resolution through teleconferencing, collaboration, and polling;
  • deliver multiple messages to multiple audiences;
  • error-free message templates;
  • proactively inform impacted end-user to prevent high volumes of inbound calls;
  • availability of notifications, acknowledgement information, and performance to the Cherwell users.


The integrated Everbridge Cherwell solution offers the following benefits:


  • manage the incident response process directly from CSM;
  • accelerate Mean Time to Assemble the team by up to 92% to significantly reduce MTTR;
  • eliminate alert fatigue and email spams;
  • increase accountability within the organization;
  • manage on-call schedules and escalations;
  • measure team and individual response metrics for continuous improvement;
  • proactively inform impacted end-users to reduce calls into the service desk;
  • keep business stakeholders informed during the incident resolution process;
  • offer subscriptions to IT incident alerts;
  • allow IT staff to execute runbooks directly from the notification for known issues;
  • allow resolvers to choose the way the way they receive their notifications;
  • enable on-call resources to manage their time via a mobile app.

Everbridge Integration Demo