Evolven's Blended Analytics is a game changing IT Operation Analytics (ITOA) solution that correlates and analyzes cross silo data sources to deliver unparalleled IT operations insights. Evolven blends all relevant data sources across IT silos (including performance, log, network, deployment automation, service desk and CMDB), and correlates them with changes – the true root causes of performance and availability issues.
Powerful analytics that rely on machine learning, anomaly detection and domain specific heuristics turn this data into actionable insights for slashing mean time to resolution, cutting the number of incidents and improving DevOps and Audit. Evolven is a recognized IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) leader and was selected by Gartner as a Cool Vendor in IT Operations.
Evolven brings actual change information to Cherwell users and correlates and analyzes these actual changes with data collected and analyzed by Cherwell. 
Why this is important? Although undesired changes are the true root cause of most incidents (as high as 85%), they are often overlooked and missing from reactive and predictive analysis. At the same time most of ITSM processes also need actual changes to close the process loop


Why Fortune 500 customers request Evolven integration with Cherwell:

Proactively prevent issues detecting and handling high risk changes

  • Analyze change details to rapidly resolve incidents
  • Analyze changes associated with a CI that has the incident
  • Attach results of investigation to the incident record

Detect and validate actual changes against planned change requests

  • Track actual changes between start/stop marks or according to the change schedule
  • Associate detected changes with a change request to separate authorized and unauthorized changes
  • Allow to review, validate and audit actual changes

Know and analyze detailed configuration of each CI

  • Discover detailed environment configuration
  • Map detailed configuration to a CI
  • Allow to compare and analyze configuration across CIs