For Cherwell customers, FixStream provides an integrated IT Operations solution, predicting and resolving ITSM issues better and faster. FixStream’s AIOps solution with Cherwell’s workflow automation software automates the discovery of entities and their relationships across data-centers. Once the entities are identified, the FixStream solution will facilitate the ingestion of accurate inventory information and correlated application maps into Cherwell’s CMDB.

FixStream AIOps DDM for Cherwell

Infrastructure environments constantly change and it is impossible to track changes and correlate the events using legacy techniques. Manual processing of massive amount of dynamic data across the stacks to identify patterns, anomalies, and predicting capacity requirements or predicting failures in infrastructure, is almost impossible. This poses tremendous business risks and hindrance to business innovation.
FixStream combines the power of machine learning with the ability to auto-discover and correlate compute, network and storage entities with business applications. FixStream's artificial intelligence quickly predicts infrastructure issues across an enterprise’s entire hybrid IT stack. With its machine learning (ML) algorithms and advanced multi-layer correlation across on-prem, virtualized and cloud infrastructure, FixStream can rapidly identify business impacting infrastructure issues in minutes instead of hours.


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