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GAVS Technologies (GAVS) is a global IT services & solutions provider enabling digital transformation through automation-led IT infrastructure solutions.

Their integration with Cherwell is with their Zero Incident Framework™ (ZIF) solution. Zero Incident Framework™ is an AIOps based TechOps platform that enables proactive detection and remediation of incidents. Three key outcomes of ZIF are:

  • Higher Business Service Availability:ZIF increases business service availability and application performance through proactive remediation of incidents and predictive risk management.
  • Faster MTTR: Through AI driven algorithms for pattern recognition, anomaly detection and event correlation, the root cause analysis is automated, resulting in a 60% faster MTTR.
  • Proactive IT Operations: With predictive analytics, ZIF provides insights on potential incidents with greater than 90% accuracy and prevents them from reoccurring through intelligent automation.

Integration Features:

The ZIF integration to Cherwell is bi-directional. Outlined below is how the integration works between the two solutions.

From ZIF to Cherwell:

  • Auto associate service alerts to known problem or CRs
  • Auto populate services discovered
  • Auto map services populated to CIs
  • Create alerts in case auto association fails
  • Correlated alerts/association of incidents – new tab created and populated
  • Service-Related Prediction

Cherwell to ZIF:

  • Physical topology of discovered services
  • Events/incidents related to CIs of interest

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