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Mobile 1

Workforce Mobility for Cherwell

Do you want your mobile workforce to work more efficiently, enhance customer service and reduce costs?

Mobile 1's Workforce Mobility App for Cherwell enables your mobile workforce to reach higher levels of productivity. The app features automated workflow, real-time communication and automatic integration into your Cherwell support desk. Increase productivity, enhance your customer service and mitigate risk.

Digital Productivity

Replace paper processes with digital productivity and automated workflows.

We understand that your organization needs to build profitable customer relationships and increase efficiency to meet tight SLA deadlines.

Our human-centric user experience helps your mobile workforce accomplish goals swiftly. Boost productivity by adding best practice workflow automation to their toolkit.

Give your business the competitive advantage, increase productivity on the road and in the office.

Real-Time Communication

Equip your mobile workforce with two-way data access.

Communication can be challenging for your mobile workforce. Our Workforce Mobility

App helps bridge the conversational gap between headquarters and those in the field.

Workforce Mobility extends Service Management systems, like Cherwell, to your hand-held iOS and Android tablets. Service technicians and sales reps can access, update, capture and transmit data instantaneously. Offline data caching will ensure your mobile workforce can continue working without network coverage.

Empower your team with the right information at the right time.

Enhance Customer Service

Improve execution of service level agreements. Prevent SLA breaches with efficiency & precision.

Are you striving to increase repeat business? A vital factor is completing orders in a single visit without errors.

Among typical organizations, after-sales services often account for less than 20% of their revenue. In the most innovative service companies, these services generate more than 50% of the profits. Concluding SLA’s with excellence means repeat business, positively impacting the bottom line.

Make profitable customer service possible with Workforce Mobility. Equip your mobile workforce with the ability to automate event logging, map client locations, capture client sign-offs, upload images for proof of work and automatically invoice upon completing the job.

Cherwell Service Management

Follow best practice processes at scale without costly integration fees.

Direct integration into Cherwell’s flexible Service Management back-end will optimize your organisation's mobility journey, eliminating the pitfalls of manual integration into the Cherwell platform and costly development.

With rapid app deployment to iOS and Android, your mobile workforce will have direct access to vital information from Cherwell without the need for clunky change control processes and complex development. With Workforce Mobility, you have 24 x 7 ongoing support and patch/security updates.

As a Cherwell Technical Alliance Partner, we are trusted to meet Cherwell's high standards of service and product excellence.


Add these flexible modules to Workforce Mobility for Cherwell, to upgrade your Enterprise Mobility strategy.

Business Intelligence

Our BI dashboard analytics will connect you directly to your data and reporting

Mobile Device Management

Utilize the leading Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution to ensure device, content and usage security.

Location Mapping

Put your mobile workforce on the map using award winning Location Intelligence capabilities.

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