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Moogsoft develops AIOps technology that helps enterprise IT Ops and DevOps teams become faster, smarter and more effective. Moogsoft AIOps’ real-time machine learning algorithms help teams remediate issues that impact their customers’ experience by: reducing operational noise (alert fatigue) across your production stack; proactively detecting Incidents and correlating Events across your monitoring ecosystem; streamlining collaboration and workflow across teams and toolsets; and codifying knowledge to make operators smarter when encountering future Incidents.

Noise Reduction - Patented algorithmic and machine-learning techniques can identify significant events and ignore noise, without requiring users to develop and maintain complex and brittle systems of rules.

Event Correlation - Patented supervised and unsupervised machine-learning techniques can identify correlations between events to provide a holistic view of incidents across multiple data sources.

Collaboration - Based on the holistic view of incidents, different specialists can be invited automatically to collaborate on the diagnosis and resolution of a single incident, working within the same Situation Room and sharing information and insights.

Moogsoft Integration with Cherwell