New Net Technologies

New Net Technologies

Identify and Reconcile Unplanned Changes with Approved Change Requests

NNT has integrated its Change Tracker Gen7 R2 solution with Cherwell Service Management to automatically validate and verify changes made against change requests generated through Cherwell's change management processes and workflows. This out-of-the-box integration can:

  • Improve IT service availability and security: Address security, availability, and compliance by deploying a closed-loop intelligent change control process where only expected changes should occur.

  • Reduce change noise and expose suspicious changes: Model and reuse repeated or recurring change patterns to segregate pre-approved changes from the unexpected and genuinely suspicious changes.

  • Automatically validate and verify: With a full audit trail of change activity, automatically validate pre-approved changes, and automatically file integrity against a DB of 9B known good files.

NNT is the leading provider of SecureOps with an approach based on security through system integrity.