Nlyte helps your organization automate the management of all your assets, resources, processes and people throughout the entire lifecycle of your data center(s). The Nlyte Enterprise Edition Solution provides a unique combination of Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) suite capabilities including intelligent capacity planning that delivers actionable information for optimizing the use of power, cooling and space through the optimal placement of data center assets, and business process automation that improves availability and operational excellence.
Nlyte is built on a modern and secure architecture. This web-based architecture ensures the solution can scale with your needs while providing a third-party tested (VeraCode VerAfied) secure environment. The architecture includes a built-in communication framework with pre-built connectors that enable you to easily integrate with other facility and IT investments to ensure you get maximum value from your Nlyte investment.

Key Benefits:

Comprehensive Capacity Planning
  • Improved capacity planning and project lifecycle management
  • Proactive versus reactive data center management
  • Accurate data center lifespan prediction-assess when you need additional capacity (and when you don’t)

End-to-end Asset Lifecycle Management (“Dock to Decom”)
  • Real-time reporting on assets, per data center per customer mapping to each lifecycle stage, facilitating warranty renewals and maintenance contracts
  • Real-time, accurate asset inventory audits for compliance and yearly maintenance reconciliation
  • Ability to report using a charge-back model
  • Immediate recognition upon asset arrival at your facility, thus avoiding spending on uninstalled assets

Robust Reporting Capabilities
  • Automates the measurement and evaluation of your data center operations
  • Improves data center operational excellence and optimizes the use of its power, cooling, space and assets
  • Provides visibility into key business metrics

Real-time Monitoring & Alarming through Nlyte Energy Optimizer (NEO)
  • Real-time branch circuit monitoring, circuit alarm notification on millions of points across multiple locations
  • Boost the resilience of data center by simulating device failures and identifying vulnerable devices in the power chain
  • Enable smart, real-time decision making with visibility into power utilization and environmental data

Complete Connection Management
  • Confirm your power redundancies
  • Know server restart order for planned or unplanned downtime
  • Find common connections to avert overloading your power

Sophisticated Workflow Management
  • Optimize your resources and personnel with measurable, repeatable intelligent processes
  • Make individuals more efficient by providing task focus and progress status
  • Support cross-team assignment for tasks shared by multiple teams
  • Extend the adoption of ITIL and COBIT into the data center without any additional development or services

Comprehensive Change & Incident Management, and Request Fulfillment Integration
  • Save time and effort while lowering risk by coordinating two otherwise disparate process management systems as one
  • Enable faster moves, adds and changes by allowing preplanning for asset lifecycle management
  • Gain faster root-cause analysis and improved event correlation as asset locations and applications become visible to ITSM