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Orca simplifies, accelerates and automates configuration management and application release workflows. With its out-of-the-box integrations to major operating systems, middleware, databases and Cherwell’s ITSM, Orca orchestrates, deploys and promotes application configuration changes in complex Production environments. Without any guesswork, teams use Orca’s intuitive interface to detect drift, correct drift and remediate out of compliance configurations. Operators control what, where and when configuration changes can be made as well as who can make them and who can approve them using Orca.
Cherwell/Orca Integration Summary

Orca picks up where Cherwell leaves off for full change request automation including:

Here’s how Orca’s Cherwell integration works:

Orca is constantly on the lookout for configuration drift or compliance issues. When a compliance or drift issue is found, Orca automatically creates a change request in Cherwell – identifying within the implementation plan the set of configuration changes necessary to bring the issue out of drift or back into compliance. After the change request has been approved, Orca takes over the ticket and performs the execution of the implementation plan. Orca updates the ticket details and status through to completion – ultimately identifying if the execution of the change request was successful or unsuccessful and then closing the ticket.
In summary, Orca manages and integrates everything from “Opening” through “Completion” of a Cherwell Change Request.

Without Orca’s Cherwell integration, you spend time waiting to…

With Orca’s Cherwell integration, Orca has already automatically…