Perspectium delivers integration solutions for service management. They allow IT to eliminate technology silos that inhibit the automation of service processes that span departments, regions, and service providers. Delivered as an end-to-end managed service, Perspectium integration solutions are trusted by some of the world's largest organizations to master intricate integration challenges, allowing IT to focus on moving the business forward.

Perspectium Integration Solutions

Perspectium integration solutions allow enterprise IT organizations and Managed Service Providers using Cherwell IT Service Management to easily integrate workflows and processes without consuming valuable development resources or needing to purchase and learn complex integration toolkits.

Customers who choose Perspectium integrations are able to:

  • synchronize with non-Cherwell systems in parent, sibling, or divisional organizations, to ensure end-to-end ITSM process and data unification
  • align ITSM incident management with other systems of record, such as customer service or development, to increase security and lower license costs by allowing each team to work in their application of choice
  • Ebond with external service providers, to streamline incident and request management processes and provide end-to-end visibility of status while tickets are being worked by the service provider
  • leverage external systems (Amazon Web Services, VMWare vSphere) to populate and maintain the CMDB with little to no effort for service management staff
  • increase the strategic value that Cherwell IT service management provides to the business

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