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Next Generation Management Analytics

Real Data Technologies
ServeOptics™ is the next generation of service management analytics and reporting. This out-of-the-box tool consolidates data from multiple technology sources delivering real-time analytics that describe how well your IT service support organization is performing. ServeOptics™ includes dashboard displays and reports satisfying management needs for access to actionable information in the form of metrics, KPI’s and Critical Success Factors.

ServeOptics Provides Transparency into the Enterprise
ServeOptics provides a single pane of glass that provide an enterprise view into your support operation without the need log into your ACD or the Cherwell IT Service Management tool. The dashboard shows real time the Incident and service request backlog, customer satisfaction, Service level compliance, cost per incident, cost per service request, tier 1 utilization, tier 2 and tier 3 utilization and much more. These areas have drill-down capabilities into the individual tickets and calls and you can even accomplish reporting right from the dashboard itself. Additionally, you have the ability to create, schedule, send, and view surveys from the dashboard or you and view and report on surveys sent from the Cherwell ITSM tool.
Each area of the Dashboard has detailed drill-down capabilities into the individual ticket and call level. The data is converted into management metrics and analytics that are displayed on dashboards for enterprise wide access to appropriate user based roles. No configuration is necessary. ServeOptics has no hooks into any technology and does not require any modifications to integrate with other third party software and SaaS solutions. The dashboard displays usable, actionable information not readily available from the source vendor products. Data is collected directly via Application Program Interfaces published by the ACD and Cherwell IT Service Management Solution.

Business Value
ServeOptics empowers managers to obtain time-based trends analysis, timely access to operational results, and historical reports without extensive and complex customization. Receive immediate understanding of how support activities impact your IT service capabilities and the impact to the business services and end-users. Information Managers and Service Desk Managers will have immediate information to:

Are you looking for powerful Real-time Data Analytics Dash-Board capabilities to improve your IT service support and delivery and get ahead of potential issues?
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