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Improve Incident Resolution and Notification with xMatters Integration

As a strategic Cherwell partner, xMatters enables organizations to quickly notify the right person at the right time to resolve incidents as quickly as possible. Integrated with Cherwell Service Management software, xMatters empowers teams to take charge of an incident before it escalates into something more complex and impacts your business.

Consuming critical metadata from within a Cherwell incident record, xMatters leverages on-call scheduling, escalation rules, and device preferences to find and notify the appropriate responders quickly and efficiently. From there, the notification recipient can choose responses such as own and/or escalate the incident. xMatters keeps records of all notifications and responses in the Cherwell Service Management platform, allowing you to consolidate reporting to improve your incident management processes, be proactive to your business stakeholders, and ultimately prevent the same issues from reoccurring in the future.
The integrated solution offers the following benefits:
  • Reduce Mean Time To Restore service by up to 70%
  • Centralize on-call schedules and escalations
  • Improve resource efficiency
  • Align technical and business teams
  • Drive accountability within your organization
  • Engage teams quickly on critical escalations
  • Measure key KPIs for continuous improvement
  • Empower business stakeholders to subscribe to relevant and required notifications

xMatters Benefits

1. Accountability Within Your Teams
Never waste time looking up who’s on duty or calling technicians manually – only to get no answer. With xMatters you can easily set up your on-call schedules and manage exceptions for vacations, holidays, and sick days. Define critical escalation paths to ensure no incident ever drops. Simple self-service interfaces help make your teams more accountable.

2. Mobile Flexibility
Send and respond to time-sensitive notifications from your mobile device to drive your ITSM processes forward. With xMatters you can deliver SMS, voice messages, and push notifications, while providing a way to send responses back to the originating system. Acknowledge or update tickets, accept a change, update stakeholders, and instantly initiate a conference call – all through the xMatters mobile app.

3. Conference Calls with a Single Button
Often a conference bridge is required to solve critical IT incidents. With xMatters’ one-touch conferencing functionality, you can engage all the key players—even outside vendors—in less than 60 seconds. Address and resolve urgent issues quickly, saving valuable time and money. xMatters’ one-touch conference calls makes collaborating across teams amazingly easy by eliminating long phone numbers, pass codes, and host keys. Simply press the # key and collaborate instantly.

4. Ease of Use Drives Usage
xMatters makes it easy to create custom communication apps that match your work flows and business processes. It’s as simple as drag-and-drop because setting up custom communication plans should be simple. Decide what information to send, who needs to receive it, on what devices it should go, and have it ready in your back pocket for when you need it.

5. Keep the Business in the Loop
Notifying the technical teams is only part of the communication during an incident. Senior management and other key stakeholders also need to be kept in the loop. With xMatters, keep everyone informed through a single solution. Send notifications in business language to everyone that needs to know. Leverage xMatters’ subscription functionality to allow users to subscribe to the information that is important to them, allowing your SMEs to focus on resolving issues, vs. sending updates.