(x) matters

Improve Incident Resolution Time and Notification Workflow

xMatters is a digital service availability platform that goes beyond paging, providing targeted and contextual alerts allowing on-call resources to quickly launch remediation workflows across their entire toolchain and automatically resolve incidents. Integrated with Cherwell Service Management (CSM), xMatters automatically creates an incident record in Cherwell and embeds critical metadata about the issue, continually updating the record in real-time as actions are taken to remediate the issue. This allows for fully automated reporting in Cherwell, freeing teams up to resolve incidents while capturing incident documentation for post-mortems and stakeholder reporting.

xMatters + Cherwell Integration Benefits:

  • Reduce Mean Time To Restore service by up to 90%
  • Reduce Mean Time to Respond by up to 90%
  • Centralize on-call schedules and escalations
  • Improve resource efficiency
  • Align technical and business teams
  • Drive accountability within your organization
  • Build prescriptive toolchain workflows without coding
  • Measure key KPIs for continuous improvement
  • Empower business stakeholders to subscribe to relevant and required notifications

xMatters Benefits

  1. Accountability Within Your Teams

    Never waste time looking up who's on duty or calling technicians manually – only to get no answer. With xMatters you can easily set up your on-call schedules and manage exceptions for vacations, holidays, and sick days. Define critical escalation paths to ensure no incident ever drops. Simple self-service interfaces help make your teams more accountable.

  2. Control Alert Floods and Cut Through the Noise

    Built-in intelligent event management keeps on-call resources from drowning in alert floods. Using customizable rules and machine learning, xMatters flood control aggregates alerts across systems and corresponds them to related alerts – cutting alerts in half and allowing on-call resources to quickly zero in on the actual issue without spending time combing through a queue of related alerts.

  3. Targeted, Contextual Alerts

    Not only does xMatters reference your on-call schedule and escalation rules to target the exact right on-call resource, but with contextual alerts respondents have all the incident information – right in their alert – with which to make a decision and act on the alert. xMatters provides options for SMS, text, email, and voice notifications spanning users preferred devices, so on-call resources can be alerted (and respond) on the go. With targeted, contextual alerts xMatters reduces Meantime To Respond by up to 90%.

  4. Actionable Responses That Launch Toolchain Workflows

    Whatever your incident management process, xMatters gives you the ability to easily build process toolchains that span your tech stack using the code-free, drag and drop visual workflow builder – Flow Designer. When incidents meet the criteria of your workflow, you contextual alert provides the actionable response options to push a button and launch your workflow – remediating (and documenting) the issue across systems with just one click.

  5. Keep Stakeholders in the Loop

    Notifying the technical teams is only part of the communication during an incident. Senior management and other key stakeholders also need to be kept in the loop. With xMatters, keep everyone informed through a single solution. Send notifications in business language to everyone that needs to know. Leverage xMatters' subscription functionality to allow users to subscribe to the information that is important to them, allowing your SMEs to focus on resolving issues, vs. sending updates.