Customer Service Management

Digitise the services that help you automate and connect your business to your customers

The role of IT is radically changing. No longer are you just managing the technology, you now have a major role to play in how you improve your customer experience processes. OSM reduces analogue bottlenecks and inefficiencies while delivering a joined up digital customer experience.

Our key Customer Service Management capabilities include:

  • Complaints management
  • Request update / status
  • How do I?
  • Book a meeting / appointment
  • Planning request
  • Returns processes
  • Information portals
  • Emergency response
  • Citizen services
  • External customer service

Disconnected complexity should not be the norm

Many customer interaction points are disjointed, disconnected or even analogue. Forms are being downloaded, filled in, scanned and returned – requiring data entry. In more advanced cases, web forms are used, but these may still be disconnected from business processes. Even those that are connected to a business process may still be ‘coded’ services that are difficult to change.

In many cases the solutions are delivered by patching fragmented technologies that are inefficient and painful for the customer,  as well as difficult to change and to report upon.

IT organisations are increasingly becoming responsible for delivering the services that connect the business to the end-user, while also being expected to provide the technology that underpins marketing, sales and customer services. By adopting a joined-up approach, you can have a comprehensive solution that allows you to easily build forms, portals, workflow, integrations and reports – all residing on one common and integrated platform.

Cherwell’s Customer Service Management capabilities will help you raise your customers’ experience and approval ratings to a whole new level. You will be able to join up processes, automate workloads and remove mundane tasks.  This will provide you with the breadth and depth of digital services that ensure any engagement with your customer is managed to perfection, while reflecting positively on your brand.