Custom Application Development

Extend functionality with our Mergeable App solutions (mApp)

If you want to extend your Cherwell Service Management solution to integrate advanced capabilities such as IT Project Tracking, Release Management, Facilities, Risk Management, and Human Resources, then our mergeable applications, or mApp solutions, will deliver the power you need.

mApp solutions are applications available from the Cherwell mApp Exchange, a community-driven online marketplace, that allows you to download an application and seamlessly merge it with your Cherwell Service Management platform in minutes. With a mApp, you can quickly and easily install new functionality to create something amazing. And because our platform is built on a modern, metadata architecture, mApp solutions don’t require you or our partners to write any code in order to implement, they never break your existing customisations, and they don’t impact your ability to upgrade to our latest our platform version quickly and easily.

Explore our mApp solutions marketplace today and you’ll be amazed and the breadth and the depth of the enhanced functionality that’s available to you.