IT Asset Management

Know what you’ve got

If you don’t have current information on what IT hardware and software assets you have across the enterprise, where they are and how they’re configured, how can you manage and fix them efficiently? And without accurate software licensing information, you’ll never know whether you are at risk from under-licensing or wasting valuable budget through over-spending on licenses that remain unused.

Our key ITAM capabilities include:

  • Comprehensive Hardware and Software Inventory
  • World-Class License Compliance Management
  • Detailed Software Usage Analysis
  • Powerful ITAM Purchasing System
  • Microsoft SCCM Integration
  • Flexible, Intuitive ITAM Reporting
  • Accurate Software Recognition
  • Unparalleled Ease of Deployment and Use

Fortunately, help is at hand. Cherwell Asset Management is a scalable IT Asset Management (ITAM) solution that has been designed specifically for organisations such as yours – whatever your size or vertical.

Our ITAM will help you recover the IT overhead from manual audits, seek out significant reductions in your software license spending and mitigate the risk of non-compliance.

By integrating all the data related to your hardware and software inventory, application usage, license entitlements, and IT purchases, Cherwell Asset Management will help you seamlessly track and manage your IT investments from purchase though to retirement. At last, you can abandon those costly, manual audits and inaccurate Excel spreadsheets.

With Cherwell Asset Management you’ll have accurate, flexible, and intuitive IT asset reporting, as well as unparalleled ease of deployment and use; you’ll experience rapid time-to-value that just can’t be achieved with any other ITAM solution.