IT Event Management

IT Service Outcome Management (ITSOM) – a new approach

IT Service Outcome Management (ITSOM) is a new approach to traditional IT service event management that focuses on how well your desired business outcomes are being delivered.

Our key ITSOM capabilities include:

  • Faster time to identify, trace and repair problems.
  • Better optimisation of IT assets, business processes and future investments.
  • Gaining real-time, historical and predictive trends on IT services and their related business outcomes.
  • Faster time to deliver new services and greater agility for IT.
  • Faster identification of advanced threats and internal security threats and visibility into which services are impacted.
  • More efficient prediction of infrastructure capacity requirements to avoid over spending.
  • Superior financial and project planning for IT as a business.
  • Ability to build your own custom management/analytics solutions with little to no coding.

Your business invests in technology to achieve desired business outcomes such as availability and high performance. However, you may not have the systems and processes in place to measure, or guarantee, that those outcomes are being delivered effectively.

In conjunction with our technology partner, Firescope, Cherwell’s ITSOM will ensure you have actionable insight into how your technology is achieving your desired outcomes. Those outcomes may include email deliverability, customer churn or whether more revenue was generated after a major release than you achieved prior to go-live. Our ITSOM will also provide you with insight into downstream risk factors such as performance or capacity issues and error conditions for improved planning and mitigated risk of failures.

With Cherwell’s ITSOM you will have an integrated approach to automated discovery, mapping, event analysis and analytics so you can understand how technology is directly impacting your business. It will allow you to measure and communicate the value that IT is generating; transforming the relationship between your IT team and the business from one of blaming IT to engaging IT.