Software License Management

Ensure you are compliant and optimising your spend

If your organisation hasn’t been audited by a major software vendor or industry trade group, you’ve been lucky! Unfortunately, it’s likely only a matter of time before the auditors come knocking.

Our key Software License Management capabilities include:

  • Stay compliant with software license agreements by uncovering unlicensed copies of installed software
  • Apply Microsoft product use rights to compliance calculations
  • Calculate true-up costs associated with your current software compliance status
  • Enforce peak usage limits for concurrently licensed applications
  • Maintain Microsoft Windows Server operating system compliance by performing software licensing tracking for both physical and virtual licensing requirements

The increasing importance of compliance

A recent industry survey revealed that 53% of companies have been audited within the last two years – some more than once – with the risk of being audited increasing as the organisation grows. And fines for non-compliance can be hefty.

As well as the risk of non-compliance, without accurate software licensing information you’ll never know whether you are wasting valuable budget through over-spending on licenses that remain unused.

Cherwell Asset Management will not only help you prepare for vendor audits, it will also proactively and automatically monitor your software license compliance. With Cherwell Asset Management, you can quickly mitigate the risk of non-compliance and you take control of your license usage and costs.

Unlike most software license management tools which may leave you guessing, Cherwell Asset Management uses proprietary software identification to recognise the countless executables found on your network. That’s why you’ll find our license compliance reports are more complete and reliable than technology that relies on less accurate methods such as file header identification or registry analysis.