We’ll soothe your migration headaches

Replacing a solution, such as IT Service Management, can be costly. Particularly if you have no understanding of what it will take to make the switch. Time, resources and costs associated with replacing your system can quickly mount up if they’re not identified early and managed effectively.

Unfortunately, vendor ‘lock-in’ is often intentional and is designed to present you with a number of challenges. They can make it appear easier to remain tethered to their technology, even when it no longer serves the needs of your business. But these challenges can be overcome.

There is a way – Cherwell’s Migration methodology

We know that these challenges exist, which is why we have developed a now proven approach to frictionless migration successfully deployed in the course of many customer installations. This approach combines our consulting expertise with a wide range of best practices to deliver a rapid migration from other ITSM solutions.

Whether you have BMC, HP, CA, ServiceNow, LanDesk or another solution, we can help you migrate to Cherwell Service Management with its modern, metadata architecture, and at an upfront cost that you and your organisation can easily justify.