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The Continuous Educational Experience

Learn from Cherwell Software Experts

Watch this playlist if you would like a demonstration on how to utilize the different features of the Video Learning Library. This includes finding your course, navigating through courses, and managing your account.

With the Video Learning Library, you're in control.

You can pick and choose the courses that you want to watch, and you can watch any section or lesson, in any order.

If you have only a few minutes, you can jump right into the one specific section you need to learn. If you have more time, sit back and enjoy our professional instructors, as they take you through the entire course, from start to finish.

With the fast-moving world of today, you need learning that you can access when you want, and where you want.

You're able to login and watch your courses from a mobile or desktop device. There is no need for you to be locked down to just one place and time. You can be watching a course on a table, while you are working on your main desktop. Anytime anywhere learning is now available for you.

You need to keep your skills and knowledge up to date, as technology changes and as your career evolves.

The Video Learning Library has content added on a regular basis, so you can return and explore new courses and subjects on a continual basis.

This is the continuous educational experience!

New to Cherwell Service Management or the Video Learning Library? The learning paths take the guesswork out of which videos to watch first.

While these are the courses we suggest for these roles, all users of the Video Learning Library are welcome to watch any course, for any Job Role. To get started head over to our Learning Paths page.

You want a course that is designed for you, and for what you do on the job. All of our courses are designed for a Primary Job Role.

The Job Roles we have developed training courses for are Cherwell Users, Cherwell Administrators, and Cherwell Developers. You're welcome to pick and choose any course for any role, you're in control of what you view.

We know that lots of people wear lots of hats, and if that is you, feel free to explore and enjoy any of our courses for any role.

Everyone enjoys the fun side of learning, including us! When you register, and start taking courses and quizzes, you'll be able to earn badges here at the Video Learning Library.

The more courses you finish, the more quizzes you pass, and the more points you accumulate, the more badges you will earn. Register and start earning your badges right away.

As you gain points, you can advance through the available levels: Novice, Apprentice, Practitioner, Master, SuperStar, and Champion (there may even be some hidden levels that only a select few will ever reach!)

Head on over to our All Badges page to see a list of the badges that are waiting for you.

Expert Instructors

Cherwell University's Video Learning Library brings you talented and experienced instructors from all througout Cherwell Software itself. When you learn from the Video Learning Library, you are learning from the source, the developers, the consultants, and the learning professionals who live and breathe Cherwell Software.
With a constantly growing video learning library, you will find new instructors are added on a regular basis. Each instructor will teach his or her own area of expertise, each with their own personality and insight, providing you with an excellent resource for your continuing education. Here are some of our recent instructors:

Matthew Nimeth

[Support Services]

Danyda Feldman

[Customer Experience]

Malcolm Fry

[ITIL Expert]

Joe Hackney

[Customer Experience]

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