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Approvals from End to End

Automating the Approval Workflow

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About the Course:

Everything you need to know about Approvals. Don covers all aspects and options related to the CSM Approval engine, as well as methods for creating customer approvals, simple ways to set up and start an approval process, how to set up arbitrary approval chains, and more! Filmed using Cherwell Service Management Version 8.1. 

This course is free until May 31, 2019.

About the Instructor:

Don Lacasse has implemented scores of service desks with Cherwell Service Management and HEAT. While managing an internal/external support desk for InStar Systems, an award winning medical software company, Lacasse was the first Cherwell Service Management beta customer. Today, Lacasse is a Service Delivery Manager for Cherwell Service Management. His technical certifications include ITIL Foundations v2 and v3, Cherwell Service Management Foundations, Cherwell Certified Trainer, Crystal Report Writer, Certified HEAT Trainer. He is also an expert in Cherwell implementations and workflow designs, MS SQL, data analysis and reporting.

Course Curriculum

0 Hours 1 minutes00:01
Setting up the Approval Engine Out of the Box
Accessing the Approval Engine through a Blueprint
0 Hours 11 minutes00:11
Setting up the Approval Rules
0 Hours 5 minutes00:05
Simplifying the Trigger Condition
0 Hours 13 minutes00:13
The Approvers Tab
0 Hours 12 minutes00:12
Creating Approvers by the Engine
0 Hours 12 minutes00:12
Adding a Team Approval Functionality
0 Hours 4 minutes00:04
Customizing the E-mail through the Engine
0 Hours 4 minutes00:04
Specifying the Actions in a One-Step
0 Hours 15 minutes00:15
Customizing the Approval Workflow
Alternate Approvals Example
0 Hours 18 minutes00:18
Approval = Ballot
0 Hours 3 minutes00:03
Linking the Approval History
0 Hours 6 minutes00:06
Driving Approvals from the Subcategory
0 Hours 6 minutes00:06
Building an Initiation Action One-Step
Step 1 – Create a New Business Object in the One-Step
0 Hours 11 minutes00:11
Step 2 – Updating a Business Object in the One-Step
0 Hours 3 minutes00:03
Step 3 – The E-mail with Step through Child in a One-Step
0 Hours 11 minutes00:11
Setting up the Customized Details
0 Hours 5 minutes00:05
Delegations and Conclusion
0 Hours 5 minutes00:05

Course Reviews

  1. Approvals End to End
    This was a very good course. Lots of information. I recommend that all Admins take this course for hints and tips on how to make approvals standard and consistent in their systems. You could go through this more than once to make sure you pick up all the good information.

  2. Great Overview
    Worth watching a few times to develop a best practice.

  3. Excelent Video and Explanation
    It´s almost like a deep dive course, without the test.

  4. Profile photo of pobrien pobrien says:

    Approvals end to end
    Good overview of approvals in Cherwell

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