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Creating Reports for Summary Analysis

Create custom reports to use in analyzing summary data

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About the Course:

You understand the Report Writer Wizard. You have created a chart. You have learned how to add, remove and format fields.  Tanya Morton gives a deeper dive into Search Groups, Pivot Grids, Charts and grouping and summarizing data in order to improve your ability to provide business intelligence for yourself and your internal customers.

About the Presenter:

Tanya Morton has spent 20 years serving various local non-profit organizations through IT.  Her vocal opinion on reports is “Why put data in, if you can’t get it back out?”  She has a BS in computer science, is certified in ITIL v3, and has done everything in IT from configuring network switches to helping an end user format a mail merge, and is happily translating that experience into configuring and customizing Cherwell Service Management for customers.

Course Curriculum

Introducing Intermediate Reporting
0 Hours 2 minutes00:02
Utilizing the Report Wizard
0 Hours 3 minutes00:03
Modifying a Basic Report
0 Hours 14 minutes00:14
Adding Groups with Counts
0 Hours 6 minutes00:06
Managing Blank Groups
0 Hours 9 minutes00:09
Creating a SubGroup
0 Hours 4 minutes00:04
Analyzing Data Visually
0 Hours 12 minutes00:12
Creating a Bar Chart Manually
0 Hours 15 minutes00:15
Saving or Exporting Your Chart
0 Hours 2 minutes00:02
Creating a Second Auto-Series Chart
0 Hours 6 minutes00:06
Summarizing Data in Table Pivot Grids
0 Hours 8 minutes00:08
Grouping Data Using Calculated Durations
0 Hours 16 minutes00:16
0 Hours 2 minutes00:02
Creating Reports for Summary Analysis Quiz
0 Hours 6 minutes00:06

Course Reviews

  1. If you are into reports this is your ticket.
    Solid overview of how to execute several important reporting approaches. I much prefer delivering insights via dashboard widgets over reports, but there are some things you can do with reports that you cannot do with a dashboard widget yet so this is instruction that cannot be avoided.

  2. Really useful! Just what I needed
    I’ve been finding it hard to find useful content aimed at novices such as myself. This course was really useful and insightful and I learnt/took a lot away.

  3. Profile photo of Matthew Frye Matthew Frye says:

    Great Report information
    I learned a good number of tricks about the Report designer, calculated fields, and ways of displaying data based on the end desire, whether via Groups, Charts, or Pivot Grids.

  4. Extracting Useful Data in Summary Reports
    Tanya is an excellent teacher making the complex simple. She presents advanced Report Writing in a straight forward easy to understand method. This is a delightfully useful course.

  5. Outstanding
    This is a great and in-depth course, I never knew how to do this before.

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